a photoblog by ben fredman

Friday, January 23, 2009

turn and face the strange changes.

a tear drop for our new president.

***Sorry to post this a bit late. I'm still exhausted from what was a long, arctic, exhilarating and profoundly historic day. I can't really put it all into words just yet. I was one of millions drifting in that great sea of humanity. Here are some pictures.


from the hip, on the metro.

the crowd trickles in.

mother and daughter from portand, ore.

someone is always watching.

tales of brave ulysses.

an inauguration moment, introducing President Barack Hussein Obama.

relying on words.



Momma to Bug said...

I found your blog randomly but wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing all of your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Mignon said...

Yeah, what she said. I linked to you on my FB page. Can you post more on the inaug? I can't get enough, not having been there, and all...

William DeShazer said...

Great stuff man. Talk about good stuff lately. I'm always stoked to see your updates. Keep it up.

Tully said...

You killed it dude. I love all of the photos. The emotion and the moments...it's like you're telling a story that I think a lot of people forgot and just tried to make pretty pictures. This is the best work from the Inauguration I've seen hands down.

Carl said...

Pretty impressive my friend

Chris Wehling said...


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Dave Ellis said...

Dude, how come I didn't see this last photo in the images that you FTP'd? I like it, I would have used it.


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