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Monday, January 19, 2009


I've been in DC for some days off...will be working the mall side-by-side with millions for tomorrow's grand event. Here are some things from the last two days spent hanging with friends, catching the end of the concert, wandering around, shooting...pretty low key. Tomorrow should be incredible...

On a further note, Barack Obama will be in the White House and the Arizona Cardinals will be playing in the Super Bowl — Simply an amazing time...

metro's packed.

security's tight.

people everywhere.


I was on MSNBC last night. I was wearing a gray hat.

when you gotta go.

two women pose for their off-frame husbands, respectively.

Of course, protesters from every side of the political and social spectrum are out in full force. Always interesting and odd.


Roberto Rodriguez said...

hello ben,
first of all let me say you have some great stuff.
my name is roberto, im a photojournalism major at UNT and i found your blog off the blog roll of tim hussin. i was extremely impressed with your work, and decided to keep looking at your stuff after I saw that you were an intern at the Dallas Morning news (since im a dallas native)

i had one major question if you dont mind. i notice this very sharp and perfect color in alot of photos nowwadays, and was wondering how much of your stuff happens in post production, or if it really all happends before you even shoot the frame?

Chris Wehling said...

i'm pretty sure it's straught naug.

Drew said...

Ben, Amazing imagery! I'm sure it was one hell of a ride being around all that. Oh yeah, and congrats on your NPPA place with your picture story. :)


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