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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

democratic blues

I covered some Texas caucuses this week, which was a challenging but great experience. Because of the massive amount of people involved this election, a major story element was the problems in the validation and registration of delegates ... basically people stuffed in a school trying to get registered to caucus. It was packed, people were frustrated and the nearby convention couldn't start until everything was sorted out.


Kazilar said...

See please here

Chris Wehling said...

dude whats with all these fake comments? furthermore, is that ur pic on the front page? i cant read the byline.

Fredman said...

whatever dude. Kalizar is my homeboy. We go way back. He saved my life once, but that's another story.

And yes, that is my picture on the front page. I figured that one was a given.

Tully said...

More like, you photoshopped your picture on the front page and then put it on the blog. Ben Fredman on the front of the DMN, impossible.

Just kidding broseph, looks nice. I liked the first image of the man with the bullhorn better, I feel more cramped and get more of a sense of the congestion and an attempt at organization. But either way, they both have great moments and say something.


katie said...

i hope you held up a beer and congratulated yourself on this. SO awesome. in fact, i'll hold up a beer and congratulate you from columbia tonight. cheers!


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