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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

cell phones -- concert

I had an interesting assignment to shoot cell phone culture in the concert world. Apparently it's somewhat of a problem...people talking on their phones, texting and the like while bands play on stage. I was skeptical at first, but people are kind of out of control with the cell phonage.

On as side note this was a good example of a serious technical challenge. No flash allowed, and it was extremely dark. I was shooting on my 5D at 3200 with my 50mm f/1.4 or 28mm f/1.8 most of the time...If I had only a f/2.8 lens I would have been in trouble.


GenieDoll said...

Nice, I like that 1st pix

Chris Wehling said...

good stuff. there is also the problem of kids holding up their phones to try and record a message of tunes. not a good idea.

Tully said...

dude, i really like the second one. The finger in the ear is hilarious. I want to yell at the dude, "Listen to the music, dude!" Dude, have I said dude enough. Alright, peace out brah.


I am Matthew Nager said...

This is especially lame in Dallas where people love their material shit. It's like being at the concert is the point. Not the music.


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