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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, this blog hasn't had much activity in over a year. Or any. Time to close the books.

This blog serves as a record of a few years in photojournalism, including images from my first internship at a small-town paper, to The Dallas Morning News, all the way to time spent living in China to pictures shot while a photojournalism instructor in Florida. Someone learning or interested in the craft could look through 250+ posts on this blog about newspaper photojournalism, freelancing, projects, pushing my style and vision, struggles, successes, failures, hilarious comments, layoffs, jokes, etc.

Photojournalism taught me how to see the world. I will shoot pictures throughout my life. Now I'm interested in studying other ways to tell stories.

Today is my last day as a teacher. I will spend the summer backpacking abroad. In August, I'll be heading to film school to pursue a MFA in Film Production from Florida State University where I will study the craft of narrative filmmaking.

See here ... http://film.fsu.edu/Graduate-Programs/MFA-in-Production

Maybe I'll update this blog or start another one once school starts.

Check out my newly redesigned website for galleries, projects and short films.


Thanks for looking.

Ben Fredman


Steven St. John said...

Thanks for the posts! Best of luck in the future, I'm sure it will be great.

Tully said...

Ben Fredman, you are the man...man.


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