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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

bomb threat.

at James Monroe High School. By the time I got there, things had settled down. Police had students back in school for second period.


Mike Morones said...

some jackass probably didn't want to take a test

Tully said...

Ben, you should have taken the lead of that kid who called it in and called in a bomb threat on your camera so you would somehow be saved from taking this photo. :) I mean that lovingly. Don't take it personal. And don't call me telling me how hard it was, cuz fool, that's our job. PS, if you can't tell I've been a little more bitter than usual today and am going to be blunt and honest because I don't think people do that enough on the blogs. What I like are the little showings of the signs that tell you where you are, and alludes to something serious happening. What I don't like is the backs of the people, the overall composition is lacking any real focal point, and besides an assumption that something is happening, I don't get any information about what is happening. Granted, you got there and nothing was probably going on but these two jabroness standing around, but there must have been a moment or something that was a little more telling. That's all I got. Now I'll leave and hopefully there's enough room for someone to write "awesome" "nice" or something about how your photographs tickle their insides.


Fartbuzz said...

Ben was bored. He called it. And this is the picture he got from his felonious actions.


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