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Sunday, July 13, 2008


On July, 3, 2008, Yong Hui Zhang, 24, was attacked and abducted while making a delivery in downtown Fredericksburg for his family's restaurant, China Express. Three days later his body was found in a remote, wooded area of Sussex County. Zhang had been stabbed to death.

Yesterday, I photographed a vigil in Yong Hui Zhang's honor. His family has abstained from media attention, understandably. Last night, his sister, Jin Dan Zhang, seen in the first two photos of this slideshow, became the first member of the Zhang family we've been in contact with since her brothers disappearance.

This is an incredibly sad story. Read more here and here.


Tully said...

Dude. Good work. The first photo is probably my favorite. It has all the pieces and is a little surreal with the guy standing to the left holding the sunflowers and a blank gaze. I'm going back and forth on the tilt. I don't like it because I think it's pointless and too much, but at the same time I like it because it adds tension and somehow communicates a mood a little more. But the collection has a great sense of place, the detail really helps and you did a good job handling the dim light with the flames. Great job dude. That first picture is probably the best I've seen from you so far since you've been in Fred Vegas. Also the portrait of the kid and his horse was nice along with the noogie photo. Keep it up brah. We have jobs...who would have thought.

Chris Wehling said...

it was funny. i watched the video about this story on fredericksburg.com. I knew immediately that you took the photos. keep up the good work.

William DeShazer said...

I agree with Tully on the first photo being the strongest and I'm sure that's why you put it first in the slideshow. I do like the tilt, but I think the fence on the far left side distracts from the moment. You can look deep into this image and make a case for the fence representing a separation of worlds and the community crossing those boarders to show their respects (at least that's what I saw), but in the end it still takes away from the moment. Cut it out. Well one sir. I hope you are well in your new home.


LiPo Ching said...

Nice group of shots... I like the tilt - I think it has something to do with the space and how the tilt leads your eyes to the sunflowers and then the fence, which I think adds some privacy to the moment.


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