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Saturday, June 28, 2008

grinding. lafayette.

The FLS did a story about beautification and improvement legislation for Lafayette Blvd., a major route leading into FredVegas. Visually, we wanted to shoot pictures detailing some of the sights of the road. I shot a bunch of these with the Nikon D3's 4X5 crop mode for a design heavy page. Here's a few...


Amanda said...

Donut Sale. Sounds about right. I love the idea that there was room for you to do this at a newspaper. It's a welcome visual break.

Tully said...

well, they look like signs. I dig the donut one and the photo of the pipes under that and the building exterior with the window. I know you said the story was about signs, it this definitely works well with getting to the point and probably a nicely designed page. But I like the donut and the pipe shots because they are backed up a little giving more context than just a sign. I feel like the distances of the other shots are just about the same and getting really tight, to the point of paint chips peeling may have also added something to the spread. Just my thoughts. I figure we need to start talking more about our photos instead of just posting and not hearing anything about our work, like we talked about.

so, word dude.


Tully said...

Oh, you should go back through the archive of various spreads and pages that were done when Reza was there. He did some great work with details and collaborating with the page designers. Some pretty radical shit and simple ideas that looked awesome.

David Root said...

nice montage.



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