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Monday, March 10, 2008


During my first NBA game, I had the pleasure of witnessing Dirk Nowitzki become the all-time leading scorer in Dallas Mavericks history with 34 points on the night and 16,644 total. None of the photogs I was sitting with, including myself, had any idea Dirk was so close until it was announced a few minutes before he broke the record. This quickly became the big story of the night...previously the main story was the Kidd/Harris match up.

The Dallas Morning News is awesome! It's been one hell of a first week...


Elie said...

Glad you are enjoying it! Keep up with these updates.

Anonymous said...

See Here

Chris Wehling said...

i like the last one. how's covering the NBA? Baller or non-baller? I'm guessing baller.


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