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Monday, January 7, 2008


Since I've had some time off before I head to Dallas, I've done a big update of projects on my website.

Here's a link to my site of my video from picture story class I finally got around to re-editing. There's also a new story on there from the mountain workshop...

Also, here is a link to my tefillin soundslides...thanks to everyone for the great feedback and help on these projects.


Brandon Kruse said...

Awesome project dude. Looks like you spent a lot more time on it than you probably did. The photos make it for me, but the video and editing were really well done. Good work Ben.

Chris Wehling said...

yeah dude. good work on the video project. excellent execution all around.

Knox Harrington "The Video Artist" said...

you can't embed flv files in blogger, or anywhere else for that matter. convert it to a mov file with fcp, then compress it using itunes.

fla files only work in the flash program itself, its the swiff file that actually runs.


Alexander Stawinski said...

I enjoy the project it looks great. Hope all is well. Take care.

Fredman said...


I'm running the .flv on my website, it was easy to put in using dreamweaver. I'm not sure if it automates a .swf or whatever, but I really like the way it posts online as far as presentation...there were some people who posted codes to run .flv on blogger, but I couldn't figure it out.

Knox Harrington "The Video Artist" said...

the fla file is the video player, not the video file. when you import a mov file into flash it encodes it and attaches a fla file that runs the video player. the video is embedded in the swiff file when you export. the swiff file reaches out and uses the fla video player to run the video from within the swiff file.

that transparent control bar, with the scrubber and volume control is the fla file.

for blogger, just import the original mov file that you created in final cut pro. blogger supports mov, avi and mp4 video protocols.


Knox Harrington "The Video Artist" said...

sorry, my bad.
I keep saying fla file, when i mean flv.

flA is the working flash file, flV is the video player plug-in.

to check this, go to your directory and see what the name of the flv file is. it should be some like "clearExternal.flv" where clearExternal is the style of video player interface you chose when you started encoding your video. also there will be an accompanying file that corresponds to the file name of the video

Chris Detrick said...


I like the content of this piece a lot, but I think the transitions between the photos are too fast. It is not a fast-paced story, so I think you could linger a bit on the photos and cuts between them.


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