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Friday, November 2, 2007


A favorite from a character profile for picture story class.

Zennie Reynolds is a former world champion kickboxer. He now teaches kickboxing in Columbia. "You can't fight forever," he said.


Gledwood said...

that's a really atmospheric photo

Chris Wehling said...

This photo is epic. It definitely goes with your caption. Maybe crop out the window on the left? Also, isnt this a guy a sick salsa dancer? I remember seeing him riding his bike everywhere around COMO too. Crucial subject for sure. way to bring da ruckus.

Chris Wehling said...

i heard you working pretty hard shooting for the Hickman HS yearbook. we got an APB on an MC killa!

aarond said...

cool info: usually once a week or once a month he comes into the past factory and buys a liqueur or a brandy. he stays about 20 minutes and then leaves. doesn't say much. never has more than one drink it seems. then he throws the empty glass in the air and kicks the shit out of it.

TheCobra said...

Me and Zennie have had a few epic battles in the ring. He is a good fighter and good man. This picture tells a story and really puts you some place else!

John Turlington

Anonymous said...

in his time, Zennie was tha man. Broke my nose thoroughly in a sparring match, right before he fought Alexio, who was then world champ. Really nice guy, too.

onebeermatt said...

Actually, to anonymous, I think I know you. Sounds like my old roommate's brother. I tried leaving something before. I cannot type the words that say how much class Zennie has. I can only say that everytime I see him, we all pale in comparison. A true heart amongst humans. Thank you Zennie! Matt from G&D Pizza.


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