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Friday, June 1, 2007

I'm not dead, I'm in Newark.

So, I've been in Newark for a little over a week. I got into town, went to NYC to visit friends, then started. Most of this first week has been intern tutorials to get all the interns acquainted with the Ledger and New Jersey. We had tons of presentations, introductions, etc. By the end I couldn't remember my own name. This is going to be an awesome internship. The staff is great. The Star-Ledger is HUGE. Plus, I have a helpful and driven mentor to guide me through the Jersey summer. Also, I pretty much shoot, then transmit everything via laptop on location because we have lots of deadlines for our different editions.

I've shot two assignments thus far, one track meet and an anti-Bush rally. None of these photos ran, the track ones that ran were straight racing action, but I like the other things I saw more. Then, Bush came to town, we had people shooting stills/video of traffic, protests, speeches, etc. In the end, there just wasn't much room in the paper, but there is always room on the blog.

On another note, New Jersey is absolutely insane to drive around.




Chris Wehling said...

Damn son!!! looks like ur off to a good start. i think ur paper and mine are the exact opposites in every way. i wont get into details right now. we are in the midst of Strawberry Festival which is pretty sweet. right when I got into town i started shooting, i didnt even unload my stuff. anyway, my picture was on the front page today not bad for my first day. i'll post some stuff soon.



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