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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Week 7

Fallen Soldier Funeral
This was a really tough and memorable assignment. It was my first Military funeral and a good learning experience as an intern. My heart goes out to this family. They were fine with me photographing, but some people in the community were very unfriendly, insulting and at times quite abrasive. It was especially hard to shoot at the funeral when people were grabbing me, yelling at me, standing in front of me, telling me to leave, etc. These are a few selects, we ran lots of pictures.

Wrestling Favorites

Fixing a Sewer Main Break



Brandon Kruse said...

Your shit looks great dude. You pulled the spot news together and you did a good job with the funeral. Touch shit to shoot Im sure, but you nailed the moments. Hey, I left you a message earlier. Give me a holla sometime homeboy.

Tully said...

I really like the almost surrealness of the house fire with the car in front. And I love the simplicity of the first picture, with the guy's back to the camera. I think it's a lot stronger than the pictures of people crying because it makes me want to cry opposed to just showing me someone crying...does that make sense. Anyways, keep it up.


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