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Thursday, January 25, 2007

First Weeks in Muskegon. Hey! I've been here at the Muskegon Chronicle for a little over two weeks. The staff here is excellent. The photogs are talented, kind and full of inspiration. My photo editor is a great leader and mentor. I think I'm off to an okay start and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the internship. Here is some stuff--

Ice Fishing.
Feature hunting...my first time on a frozen lake. First one will run. What a sport...maybe a story or essay here?

Winter Fun.
My assignment was to find people having fun and embracing winter...since we finally got some snow (there was a snow drought for a while here). All these ran..the Muskegon Chronicle runs lots of photos!

City Wrestling Tourney
Wrestling is a blast to shoot. Shot this with strobes and pocket wizards...

Snow X Race

Weekly Jazz Night.
Low light blues...

Publisher, writer, journalist and overall Man of Books

Hat Trick!

Junior College Wrastlin!



Chris Wehling said...

dude it looks cold as balls up there. i like the ice skater pic. also, the ice fishing was def, done Fredman-style. i like very much. i'm meeting with David Rees next week to discuss my future plans, i'll let you know how that goes....



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