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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'm not photographing daily for a newspaper this semester, but I want to keep shooting things everyday, in addition to the projects I'll be shooting for class. Maybe a blog photo-column of sorts. I'm going to call it Wanderings. Just some things I see and shoot for myself. I saw this after buying an Orange Slushy with Tully at the Market on Hitt street, which is about a minute from each of our repsective homes.

Michael "Stretch" Williams waits outside of Hitt Street Market for friends to buy him a bottle of vodka on Wednesday evening. Columbia Police instructed clerks not to sell alchohol to Williams due to his recent erratic behavior. He is a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps who has lived in Columbia, Mo., for 25 years.


Brandon said...

Surreal. I love the frame, cool composition and a really F'ed up subject. Keep on wandering dog, and make sure Tully does the same.

Brian said...

Great color saturation. Nice clean composition...I might have tried to keep that bit of sky out of the frame. B

Ikuru said...

I saw Stretch so many times. There are so many things on the 9th street that remain unchanged. I feel like there is a witch who makes us repeat the same thing over and over there...


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