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Friday, July 20, 2007


This morning, I got a call to head to some breaking news. Two men robbed and killed an armored car guard in Newark as he delivered money to a check cashing store. When I got to the area, police started pushing the press further and further back from the scene. However, I was pushed near an apartment complex where police were searching heavily as they launched a manhunt for the two men.

The suspects are still at large.


Chris Wehling said...

i like the first one due to the tonality and the moment. that shit def. does not happen in Troy.....luckily i get to go on a ride along with some cops next week.

Brandon said...

That second is nice man. Nice little quite moment. Sort of a dichotomy given the other two. I like the first one too, looks killer in b/w.

Tully said...

I like the lines, but not too into the first pic. Too contrasty for me. But I love the second shot and packaged with the third shot is really nice. It would be great to have a policeman in the second frame to give it more context, but then again, it would be cool to have a pink elephant taking a dump in someone's cereal.

elisa said...

way to work the situation. i like these. something looks off about the toning of the first one, though. too contrasty? it kind of looks like you did the shadow/highlight adjustment on his face, but i can't figure it out. am i crazy?


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