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Sunday, July 15, 2007

.beach graphics.

Yesterday I went out and shot for the Star-Ledger's ShoreBlog, which is a cool assignment and interesting idea for the website. You cruise the NJ shore and post pictures to the blog. Some shooters have ideas and stories in mind. I just went to Point Pleasant Beach, which is a beautiful and popular spot and walked around. Next weekend, I want to do some research and find something a little more unique going on. Here are some of the pics I liked.

Do check out the blog, I think blogging is a really smart thing for newspapers to do these days and the Star-Ledger is all over it. It's a nice outlet for pictures that normally wouldn't appear in the paper and it gives readers ...uh viewiers... another interesting page on the website.

Anyone else blogging for their papers? Any thoughts on the ShoreBlog?



under the boardwalk


Tully said...

Hey Ben. The third picture is pretty funny. And the first one has nice graphic feel.

I checked out the blog you were talking about and the place you work seems pretty cool to set something like that up. Also, it seems like working at the Jersey Shore would be a really fun place to be, especially during the summer.

One thing I noticed though, is that it takes forever to load the blog. I don't think it is my internet connection. But anyways, I saw most of the pictures but got tired of waiting for the rest to load up.

Chris Wehling said...

I like the first one for sure, overal good job. I dont know what Tully is trippin on, the S-L blog page loads like a champ.

Ikuru said...

i liked the second one.


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